Are you interested in selling Nature's Therapy products in your store? We would love the opportunity to provide our handmade products to you. Here's what you need to do to let us know your interested...

Fill out the contact form and we will send you an email with the Wholesale Price List and some great ideas on how to display our products.

TAX ID #: Please note that a Business Tax ID# & and a copy of your State Resale Tax Certificate are required for all wholesale orders. This can be emailed to

Our minimum wholesale order is $50.00.



  - Potpourri, available in Bulk, Quart, and XL sizes. When you order in bulk…labels, bags, ties, and re-scenting oil are included.
 - Soy Candles
 - Soy Tarts

 - Refresher Oils
 - Primitive Fixins

If you'd like a product made especially for you, send us an email. We welcome product requests, and will do our best to accommodate them. We can label them with your store name, if you desire.  

All of our products are handmade, with the finest ingredients we can find.  

We look forward to preparing an order for you.  

Traci Issendorf-Owner

Nature's Therapy