Decorative potpourri

The finest, most unique botanicals from all over the world are used to make all of the potpourri blends. They are hand blended, drenched in fragrance oils, and cured for many months. They will last over 6 months. Many of our customers say the scents last years. All potpourri blends can be re-scented with oils. To re-scent, place potpourri in a bag, pour on refresher oil and seal for 1-2 weeks. Each bag of potpourri will be unique as they are hand blended. At times, some botanicals in a blend may be substituted depending on their availability. Don't forget to check out our soy candles as all of the potpourri scents having matching candles. The potpourri blends are available in two sizes: Quart = Approx. 8 cups (Very over-sized "Quart") XL = Approx. 16 cups of potpourri