Soy Tarts (available in over 160 different scents)

Soy Tarts (available in over 160 different scents)

Soy Tarts are made with all natural soybean wax and are dye free. The tarts are heavily fragranced and are easy to break apart. Soybean wax is a softer wax and if you spill your warmer its easy to clean up with soap and hot water. They weigh about 2.75 ounces. Simply break off a cube or two and melt in either an electric or tealight tart warmer. Add as many different cubes to create your own fragrance blends. Each cube will last 6-12 hours.

Our best selling soy tarts are: Cherry Almond, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce, Almond biscotti, Autumn Lodge, Blueberry Cobbler, Fall Leaves, Pumpkin Bars, Raspberry Vanilla, Watermelon Punch, Pink Lilac & Willow, Starbucks, Mid-Summer's Night, and Cranberry Orange.